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Historical Development of IUT

International conference on urban transport in developing countries” was organized at Vigyan Bhawan from 12th – 16th February 1996 under the aegis of Ministry of Urban Affairs & Employment and supported by the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Surface Transport in association with the French organization CODATU and thus known as CODATU –VII Conference (This organization organizes such conferences in various developing countries every 2-3 years).

The event was also co-sponsored by several other organizations, which paid sponsorship amounts ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs each. When the event was over, it was found by the Organizing Committee that a total amount of Rs 22 lakhs was saved. Under the directions of the then Secretary, Ministry of Urban Affairs & Employment Sh. N.P. Singh, the co-sponsors were consulted as to whether proportionate amounts could be refunded to them. In the meeting all concerned decided that an Institute of Urban Transport, India may be established and the money saved be treated as the seed money for the institute.


In the beginning 10 Individual members and 18 institutional members were enrolled. The Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations were framed on the lines of similar institutes such as the Institute of Rail Transport. An adhoc executive committee was formed to function as governing council till the time the Institute is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. Ultimately, the Institute of Urban Transport was registered on 7th May 1997 with registration no – S – 31210 of 1997. The process of enrolment of new members continued.

IUT's activities so far