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Governing Council

IUT (India) is controlled, administered and managed by the Governing Council which is headed by the President (Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India)

Governing Council of Institute of Urban Transport (India)
Sl. No. Nomenclature of the members No. of Posts Name
1 President 1 Shri Manoj Joshi, Secretary, MoHUA
2 Immediate Past Vice Presidents 2 1. Dr. P. K. Sarkar
2. Shri Y. P. Sachdeva
3 Immediate past Hony. Secretary 1 Dr. Sewa Ram
4 Hony. Vice Presidents 2 1. Shri Sudesh Kumar
2. Shri Som Dutt Sharma
5 Hony. Secretary 1 Shri Laghu Parashar
6 Hony. Jt. Secretary 1 Dr. Pawan Kumar
7 Hony. Treasurer 1 Dr. Vinay Maitari
8 Governing Council Members (Elected) 10 1. Shri Udit Ratna
2. Ms. Aditi Singh
3. Ms. S.R.S Sirisha
4. Shri Namit Kumar
5. Dr. P. K. Agarwal
6. Shri Mukesh Kumar
7. Shri Swapnil Arora
9 Director General / IUT 1 Shri Jaideep (Acting)
10 Executive Secretary/IUT 1 Shri Sumit Chatterjee (Officiating)
11 Representatives from MoUD 3 1. Shri Shyam S. Dubey, JS & FA
2. Shri Jaideep, OSD (UT) & Ex-officio JS
3. Shri Ravi Prakash, Director (UT)
12 Representatives from Institutional Members 2 To be Nominated
13 Chairman of one of the IUT Regional Chapters 1 To be Nominated
14 Representative from DMRC 1 To be Nominated
15 Representative from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) 1 Shri Sudip Dutta, Under Secretary (Transport)
16 Representative from Ministry of Railways 1 Shri Dilip Kumar Mishra, Director/MTP
17 Representatives from States/ Union Territories including Urban Local Bodies/ Parastatals Suitable number To be Nominated